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Hello, I'm Lauren

I grew up in Kwa-Zulu Natal, a province beached along the east coast of South Africa. She is home to the Zulu monarchy and, adorned with the magic of Indian and Muslim culture, is aboundingly rich in her diversity. 

I attended St Mary's Diocesan School for Girls, where I studied art, history, English literature, and religion. I have lived and worked in New York City for the past decade where I'm now accompanied by my partner, our Bullmastiff, and the rulers of our residence- our two cats. 

I have a deep interest in taking ourselves back, stepping into our dreams, our wishes, manipulating our own quantum fields. I have a deep interest in our innate magic, in esoteric philosophy, in spirituality, in breaking the spell that has been cast over us and caused us to forget our own power. My classes are built around gifting you with the tools to experience and expand that innate magic that is available to you always. I am focused on creating a space for you to take a deep dive into yourself, to maybe fall in love with who you are, or with whom you plan to become.Playing in the realms of potential, we'll use ancient postures, breathwork and intention to will our desires into this physical reality.  

I am a triple-certified yoga teacher. I have 200 hours of training under Three Jewels in NYC, 220 hours of training under Carolyn Cowan of Kundalini Global, and have completed additional training with Kundalini Awakening founder- Gloria Latham. 

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